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About Us

Bookletpedia Innovatives Private Limited is a fast-growing startup registered under the Companies Act, 2013.  It is the brainchild of Piyush Poddar and Ayush Poddar, who together co-founded the company in 2020.  Bookletpedia envisages empowering people at the grassroots through information dissemination and capacity building, with the overall objective of bringing about systemic change. We partner with individuals, organizations, corporates and government agencies to design Information Education and Communication (IEC) material related to a project and build capacity of the stakeholders.


Our journey started during the lockdown period of March 2020 when Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal (RMKM) (an organization based out of Ajmer, Rajasthan) with whom Piyush Poddar (Director, Bookletpedia) worked as an intern during his Master's in Social Work, was assigned a task to develop and design an educational booklet on two schemes being implemented in Rajasthan, namely the MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act,2005) and the Palanhar Yojana. He was asked to design the booklet based on the government-provided information on the ways to avail the benefits under the schemes and make the information available to the grassroots population in an innovative manner. This project ultimately spawned into what is today known as Bookletpedia.

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