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In light of the various forms of discrimination, myths, and taboos related to gender and menstruation, Mount Valley Development Association(MVDA) approached Bookletpedia to develop a training module on Gender and Menstruation for capacity building of Community Resource Persons (CRPs) and the MVDA team. The module covered important topics such as the distinction between gender and sex, power and patriarchy, understanding the menstruation cycle and associated myths and taboos, as well as information on menstrual health management.  Apart from the module, the Bookletpedia team went on the ground to Pokhal and Doni villages of district Tehri Gharwal to conduct a two-day training program on Gender for 40 women CRPs.  The training was based on the module which used a participatory method with a mix of tools like case studies, videos, songs, group presentations, power walk, and group discussions.    


As per the feedback received from MVDA, the training was very beneficial for both the MVDA team and the community resource persons. Each topic in the booklet was jotted down in a very interactive way and included an overview of how sessions will be conducted in a group by a community resource person as well as case studies, pictorial and tabloid explanations for easy understanding, as well as engaging group activities that place a focus on the community's critical thinking on both the issues. The MVDA staff as well as the community found the training module to be helpful. The team at MVDA was also able to expand their knowledge through training modules and use it within the organization. The MVDA team and Bookletpedia believe that the booklet will go a long way in bridging the gaps and raising knowledge on critical issues impacting both the community and the staff.

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