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The training conducted by Bookletpedia in partnership with Mount Valley Development Association (MVDA) focused on understanding communication and exploring the role of youth as change agents in society. The session was attended by youth volunteers from Tehri Gharwal, Uttarakhand.

Session 1

The session began with an inauguration by MVDA, where they briefly explained the program and the need for the communication workshop. Expectations from the participants were discussed, followed by a welcome message from Bookletpedia, introducing their team and the objective of the training.

Participants were then asked to introduce themselves by sharing their names, the name of their village/panchayat, and their experience with MVDA or any other public campaigns. This activity aimed to motivate participants and acknowledge their collective experience.

Session 2

The second session started with a baseline test using a Google form, followed by a video that prompted participants to share their understanding of communication through the chat box. The answers were discussed, covering the definition of communication, its types, the communication process, and barriers to effective communication.

Videos featuring U-reporters from UNICEF were shown to demonstrate how youth can become leaders and contribute to societal change. Participants were encouraged to share their volunteering experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were also provided with information on how to join U-Report, a platform for youth engagement and advocacy.

A poll question on the change process was presented, asking participants what steps they would take as youth volunteers if some people in their villages refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine. This activity aimed to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The session continued with a discussion on how communication can be used effectively to bring about change in society. A video featuring Asha, a social activist, was shown to exemplify the impact of communication in creating positive change. The presentation concluded with a brief segment on fake news and the importance of verifying information.

Session 3

In the third session, Nav Prabhat from MVDA gave a talk on why youth are considered change agents in society and what MVDA expects from them. Examples of three youth icons from India who have brought about change through innovation were shared. The importance of specific skills and values for working with communities was discussed. Videos showcasing youth working for social change, such as Restless Development's "Challenge the Period Taboo" and UNV Women playing Kabaddi, were presented to inspire participants.

The session concluded with an end-line test, feedback, and questions from the participants. They were divided into groups and assigned tasks to create videos related to communication exercises, engage with ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activists) for vaccination campaigns, interview the Sarpanch (village head) about communication challenges, and discuss the change with local change-makers.

Overall, the training aimed to provide participants with an understanding of effective communication and inspire them to become proactive change agents in their communities. The collaboration between Bookletpedia and MVDA offered valuable insights and practical examples to equip the youth volunteers with the necessary skills for societal transformation.

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