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RestlessDevelopment India

The communication workshop, organized in collaboration with Restless Development India, aimed to provide participants with a professional opportunity to understand and leverage communication for driving societal change. The workshop focused on enhancing participants' communication skills and challenging them to adopt new perspectives.  Presented below is a summary of the training plan and key highlights from the two-day workshop.


Day 1:

Session 1:

The workshop began with an introduction of the Restless team followed by a brief overview of the program's objectives. Participants were welcomed and introduced to the Bookletpedia team, which aimed to foster a deep understanding of the strategic use of communication. The session also included an explanation of the online session rules to ensure smooth participation. Additionally, participants were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their past experiences of working with the communities. 


Session 2:

This session delved into the basics of communication. A baseline test was conducted through a Google form to gauge participants' existing knowledge. A video was shown, allowing participants to share their understanding of communication through the chatbox. The facilitators then explained the concept of communication and its effective utilization for societal change. Inspirational videos showcasing youth leaders from UNICEF's U-Report initiative were presented, emphasizing the role of young people in driving incremental social change.


Day 2:

Session 1:

The first session of the second day focused on the strategic use of various social media platforms. Participants revisited the concepts learned on Day 1 by watching a video and relating it to their previous understanding. The facilitators then provided practical guidance on using Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp strategically for communication purposes. Key points emphasized were privacy considerations, effective photo and video composition, and the importance of joining relevant groups and following influential organizations.


Session 2:

The second session of the day covered report writing and press release creation. Participants were introduced to sample reports and guided on writing clear and concise press releases. Emphasis was placed on using authentic sources, such as government websites and international organizations, to gather accurate information. Participants were also educated on using reverse image search to verify image sources. The session concluded with an end-line test to assess the knowledge acquired throughout the workshop.



The communication workshop successfully provided YuWaah Changemakers in Jharkhand, India, with valuable insights and practical skills to utilize communication strategically. Participants gained an understanding of the fundamentals of communication, effective utilization of social media platforms, and the importance of authentic information sources. The workshop fostered a collaborative learning environment and equipped the participants to apply these skills in their future endeavors.

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